hi, I'm Vaxry.

I code stuff for Linux and sometimes in my free time make videos about a block game anarchy server, graphics, watch anime or chill out and redesign my website (this one). Latest redesign, and consequentially this design has been first made in 2022.
what I code in
You can probably see by my github language share, but here's a better list, sorted left to right, from the ones I feel the best at, to those that I don't.


what I use
non-coding interests
Everyone has interests outside of their work.
Okay, almost everyone.

Long story short, graphics designing, anime, 日本語 and that one block game anarchy server.
feel like reaching out?
hey, if you got something really cool to tell me, feel free to reach out.

⦁ vaxry#0110
⦁ vaxry [at] vaxry.net
⦁ @vaxry:matrix.vaxry.net